~Ball-shaped five-layer Jubako boxes / Ball-shaped three-layer Jubako boxes / House-shaped seven-layer Jubako boxes / Connecting Jubako boxes ~
RISO’s Jubako boxes for New Year’s dishes are unique and functional.
Why don’t you use them as main dinnerware at a casual home party and for special occasion?

Koushuhai ・ Tsuki-sakazuki

These cups are designed to make your fine Japanese sake taste even more special.
Why not enjoy sake with these cups of various patterns and sizes, depending on your mood of the day?

Tea-pot ・ Rinsen-cha

The handmade brass handle is a good accent of this round tea-pot, characterized with a timeless, sophisticated and beautiful shape.

Easy to coordinate with other dinnerware. We hope you cherish them as everyday dinnerware for a long time.

Soba-choko (cup for soba sauce)
Small bowl
Teshio-zara (small plate)

Patterns that are traditional and still popular today.
Using traditional old-Imari patterns and adding a new essence of RISO, we create beautiful sometsuke (blue and white porcelain) tableware.

This plate is a blank canvas and you are a painter. You can create “a work of art” using your imagination and creativity.

We accomplish our collaborative works, by sharing the same feeling.
Performing our craftsmanship to the best of our ability, we finally create a piece of beauty.
We will set the goal high to create an even better work while inspired by our perfect work.

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